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Saturn, 404
8 Superior Dubbin
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8 Superior Dubbin


Population 4,368,501 in city and 9,903,390 in metro Area 2,118 km˛ . Saturn   Saturn is the fourth largest city in the UP. The official name would be the Saturno Village. This city is popular of Jewels, diamonds, gems, crystals and etc. This city has 3 advanced upper class free standing structures in the downtown area and will be more. The suburb of San Ysjuardo stands for the Dub City and Lowrider Euro. World of Homies would be stood for east Saturn, and straight dubbin on the west of Saturn. This city has very outstanding of very wonderful countrysides and good households built here. This city get the most sun of heat in the UP of more than 300 days a year.This metro area is Third Largest of metropoliation. Saturn has had over millions of people moving from Latino Spanish countries, Surramontu, and Lawerencia and a new race for the area of the Saturnos. The area state of 404 has had double more of any other areas with main cities of over 3 million people in those cities. Saturn has one of the best downtown skyines and fantasies in the world with the free standing Fria Tower for east downtown skyscraper over 1519 feet tall and The Eight Pelota Eclispe observation tower outside of downtown of the west skyscraper of over 1484 feet tall. Leading Metro cities San Ysjuardo 776,950 and San Pedro 563,049 1,498 km2 (540 mi2) Median resident age: 31.6 years Median household income: $46,687 (year 2000) Median house value. Races in Saturn Mexican (33.2%) Saturnos (27.6%)Black (21.6%) Surraian (7.6%) White (7.5%) Puerto Ricans (4.5%) Other Latin Hispanic (1.3%) Other Race (0.2%).

Saturno young chic Saturno Princess


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